For a gaming computer, it is essential that you possess a gaming controller for this is the device that is used in such gaming computers for inputs in case of video games to control or operate an object or a character in the games.

Surprising uses of gaming controllers

The game controllers are no more the controllers that we have seen and heard about so far, but they have morphed and disguised themselves in different types and models for their enhanced use in various fields. It has gone beyond the gaming zones and is now finding much better, and improved operation in different areas like surgeries and other medical therapies and even in diffusing bombs. Soon they will also make their way in the space by letting the engineers operate the satellites and the rockets being sent to space.

Other uses

The above described are some of the very common applications, but the latest is the use of the armed forces. US army and navy have recently announced the approval of a laser weapon. The surprising part of this is that it can be operated from everywhere and by anybody; so much so that even a 12-year kid will be able to handle it just like the ones used for running or playing video games.

Growth and expansion

These devices were initially very simple ones that were specifically designed for gaming purposes. But with development and advancement in information and technology, there have been a lot of developments and improvements in the way a human leads his life. Now it has been made more sophisticated with the gadgets that make life easier for all. It is this technology that has brought about a change in the way the regular keyboards were used. It is this advancement that has given it new shapes and forms for easy use by the players.

Case study: keyboards

If you make the right choice of these keyboards, then you can stay assured that the investment made on them is a worthy one and they are sure to solve the purposes better. For a desktop, a solid keyboard is a must-have, but even for a laptop, it is something you should acquire. If you buy a low-end gaming laptop to play MOBAs, a solid keyboard will make your gaming experience more confortable. The following few things can make your purchase a worthy one. Just jot them down in your notepads, and they will come in handy when you hit the shops.

  • Wired or wireless- decide on your requirement for a wired or wireless keyboard. Both of them are advantageous in their way. So get to learn the benefits and demerits and then make a choice. Again they differ in the way they are manufactured. Both of them come with the same fundamental structure, but there might be slight differences in the arrangement, and some are made to look like the regular keyboards while some are made to be held and handled with both the hands. It all depends on what the player wants and what his requirement is.
  • Key switches – this is the fundamental technology used in each key for their operation. This is again of different types like the mechanical ones, the traditional silicon dome ones, and the choice is purely the players.


  1. That the US Army use them as a laser weapon truly takes a gaming contoller to the next leverl…

  2. Noran Stevens

    I think a gaming controller is a waste of money! A mouse and keyboard is plenty enough


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