Have you been looking for a laptop with advanced and trendy features? Microsoft’s Surface Book and Apple iMac are two leading solutions in today’s market for such searches. Both are packed with gorgeous features and interesting implementations. Surface book looks sleek and has a super sharp display. With a detachable touch display, useful pen functions that support sketching and taking notes, this Microsoft product promises to be an exciting prospect in the market. The slim & sleek Apple iMac is a proven performer – its fluid performance and innovative Force Touch trackpad being its highlights. Both of them are built with the full ability of a laptop behind the screens.

Technical comparisons between giants

Microsoft’s Surface Book (3000 x 2000 pixels) has a better resolution than the Apple iMac (560 x 1600 pixels). In display brightness IMac holds a slight edge over the Surface Book. The Surface Book did, however, top the IMac in color representation and accuracy. iMacs are generally delivered with LED/LCD screens. The retina display delivers more than available colors thus providing a greater visual experience when it comes to pictures and videos.


The Surface Book sports full silver, magnesium design with a flexible hinge designed to prevent the laptop’s detachable display from getting wobbly. On the down side the device is a bit top-heavy, and opening the lid is more difficult than we’d like. The latest iMac has a similar design to its previous models with slimmer edges and subtle curves around each corner.

Battery Performance

In both notebooks the battery can stand an entire day, but the Surface Book has an edge in battery performance. On continuous Wi-Fi browsing the Surface Book lasted a whopping 12 hours and a half hours beating the iMac’s 12 hours. However in tablet mode the Surface Book battery generally lasts only 2 hours approximately.


The Surface Book’s most exciting feature is its ability to double as a robust stand-alone tablet for sketching and note-taking. The notebook’s included pen offers 1,024 levels of sensitivity. Plus, the Surface Book automatically shifts to a touch-friendly interface immediately after you detach the display. Except Force Touch trackpad, the iMac’s special features are mainly software-based. The latest version of Apple’s OS X features Handoff, which allows your iMac to operate seamlessly with any of your iOS devices


Both competitors come equipped with Intel i5 or i7 in their latest versions. Hence there does not exist a significant difference in terms of speedy processing.


Apple’s iMac comes with a fusion storage option. This means the data which in infrequently used is stored in system’s hard drive. Whereas the rapidly used data sources are placed in faster flash storage. Though Surface also sports a flash storage, iMac’s mechanism yields a faster responsive performance.


iMac is at priced comparatively economical rates when it comes to starting price. Microsft justifies its higher pricing with exclusive accessories.


At the end, Apple’s iMac scores better than Surface on various fronts on any given day!


  1. startplayer12

    I own a Microsoft Surface and it works fine. I use it for everyday use and it is fast and has never had any issues.

  2. My daughter is thinking of getting a new laptop and this article helped us make a desicion. An iMac it is.

  3. How can a iMac be less expensive than a Surface. Have you even looked at the prices!?


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