Everyone has a use for laptops or computers today. These mobile electronic devices are not harmless as they seem to be. They emit radiation and a larger extent of exposure to them may be harmful to you. To protect yourself and your family from these radiations, follow these 5 tips to cut down the exposure of Laptop radiation:

Tip 1: Use the power from the battery and keep it away from your body:

When using it on the battery instead of the main power supply, it will help to cut down the exposure from the Electric field from the main power supply. Also not using the laptop within close proximity to your body and away from your lap will help you reduce the impact of Magnetic fields.

Tip 2: Do not use the Wi-Fi connections, Go for hard-wired Ethernet connection:

When on Wi-Fi mode a laptop receives and emits RF or Radio Frequency Radiation. Also, the modem/routers connected will emit these RF radiations. Most laptops are auto enabled to Wi-Fi mode when they receive updates without your knowledge. Replace this Wi-Fi installation with Ethernet connections which are hard-wired.

Tip 3: Make changes to your surroundings:

Did you know some houseplants like Cactus can absorb these electromagnetic radiations emitted from the laptops? Add some of these plants like Ceres Cacti around the area where you use your laptop. It adds beauty to your house as well as the advantage of reducing the impact of radiation.

You can also buy a natural crystal lamp to keep near your laptop. These salt crystals in the lamp release negative ions in the air acting as an ionizer and help in maintaining a normal ionic balance in the air by canceling the electromagnetic radiation.

Tip 4: Maintain a healthy lifestyle:

We all know the benefits of antioxidant foods for a healthy lifestyle. Did you know that they also try to combat the free radicals caused by laptop radiation? Eat lots of these foods if you are an avid laptop user. Include Tomatoes, Cherries, Apples, Broccoli as well as Carrots. They all contain plenty of Vitamin A and C which are essential antioxidant bodies.

Take regular breaks when using the laptop for every 20 minutes, because the radiation can cause dryness and irritation to your eyes. Include potassium-rich fruits like bananas to your diet for healthy eyes.

Wash your face frequently. Yes, by simply washing your face, which is the part of your body in close proximity to the laptop, you can freshen yourself up before starting to work again.

Tip 5: Go completely wired:

Even though you use a laptop try to use wired keyboards and mouse. When using them with wires, it will reduce the exposure to radiation emitted by the electrical components located under the inbuilt keyboard and mouse.

Laptop radiations vary from model to model. By trying to follow these tips and not using it on the knees or laps as it is originally meant to be will reduce the exposure of these radiations.

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